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Deals & Promotions Management

The deal management screen in vendor portal allows you and your vendor to negotiate a deal via the portal.  The deals can be tied to a vendor promotion.   It supports all types of deals (Off Invoice, Bill Backs, Scans, Lumpsums and Bracket).   
In addition to pure deal management, vendor portal also allows for promotions tied to the deals.  The promotion can be initiated in the vendor portal either by you or your vendor.  For example, the vendor may want to run a B1 G1 (BOGO) promotion in 10 stores and provide an associated scan back promotion. 

It handles both discounts and rebates.  You can this extended the functionality with the Rebate Billing module.

Audit Logs - The deal management also has audit log functionality that allows the retailer to review the specific changes made by the vendor/reviewers in the exchange and able to back track to reviewers or ask a need info to the vendors.

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