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Item Introduction & Maintenance

This is a popular module and is used by many of our customers and thousands of their vendor users.  You can request items from a specific vendor.  Vendors can respond to the request by submitting the item.  In most cases, Vendor can also submit items voluntarily as well.

The workflow in the item management module is configurable and can have as many review steps as needed.  Typically, item workflow includes a REVIEW by a category manager or sourcing.  Once the Category Management review is complete, a buyer or master data team member might enrich the item and APPROVE it.  The approval triggers integration into the downstream ERP/MDM systems.

The item functionality is very rich and highly configurable.  Companies can use as few as 10-15 general information attributes while others require the vendor to input of significantly more detail. We also have the ability configure unlimited number of attributes based on need.  The Nutritional and Allergen tab is very comprehensive, extendable and has all the elements in the recent GS1 specification.   We also have SU attributes configurable. It shifts the responsibility for data accuracy (for UPCs, SU, dimensions, size, nutritional information, images) to the vendors.  It also can capture images and documents (for labels, certifications, etc.)

  • Quotes Requests
    It supports requests for a quote from multiple vendors at the same time for a specific item. You can request quote to even new vendors who are not registered in vendor portal, this will invite new vendors to register into portal and submit quote and existing vendors will also submit quotes for the requested items.
  • Components, Materials and Process
    In case of the imported items, as part of the item quotes submitted by the vendor, they can add their items components, material cost and process for the imported items. Integration with GDSN We have done a full integration for vendor portal with GDSN syndicators such as GS1 Canada & Syndigo (USA)and also completed a Proof of Concept with 1WorldSync.
  • Item Spreadsheet Upload
    It has spreadsheet upload functionality. In both cases, the spreadsheet upload functions go through the same set of validations as if the user were to enter the data manually in the system. Item module allows the vendors to do the following through spreadsheet upload, It reduces the user entries in the application and do bulk transactions, Mass update of the items specific fields as it allows application. Mass price change/add into the items. Mass items approval.
  • AI Image Upload
    Vendor portal has AI image upload functionality for vendor users. User can upload images in the dropzone area and fetch the details.
  • AI Search
    It incorporates AI search for like and similar items or categories.
  • Mass Import
    Mass import features generally refer to functionalities that allow users to efficiently and quickly import large amounts of data into a system.
  • Mass Update
    Implementing mass update features typically involves allowing users to simultaneously modify multiple entries or records. This could include bulk updating product information, pricing, or other relevant details. To implement this, consider providing a user-friendly interface with checkboxes or a similar mechanism to select multiple entries for updating. Ensure proper validation and confirmation steps to avoid unintended changes.
  • Audit Logs
    Vendor portal also has audit log functionality that allows the retailer to review the specific changes made by the vendor to the item in the exchange.
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