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Rebate Billing (Rebate Invoices)

You may use this module to create rebate invoices to collect vendor funding towards bill back, scan back and lumpsum rebates from the vendor.   Lumpsum deals can be invoiced manually via the portal and shared with the vendor.   For scan back rebate billing, the scan deals set up in the Deals and Promotions module will be matched against the point-of-sale transactions.  Similarly, billback rebate invoices are calculated based on purchase orders/receipts.  The invoices can be finalized by a “rebate or accounts receivable” user.   If the calculation and billing is done by a different system, companies can still use this module to share rebate invoices with the vendors.

This can reduce the amount of back and forth between the A/R team at the retailer and the vendor and provide transparency to the vendor income generated from each vendor.  Many companies rely on the vendor income to fund their promotions and manage their margins.   This module provides yet another tool for you to make sure that you are not leaving money on the table.

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