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Vendor Registration & Maintenance

The vendor registration process is configurable, and workflow driven. It is common to have 4-5 review steps before the vendor can become active and operational. Vendor registration can capture documents and images (W9s, Insurance documents, facility certifications, etc..) as part of the registration process. Category Managers and Accounts Payable departments in an organization often find this as a huge benefit. There is no limit on number of attributes (e.g. Minority owned flag, promotion budget, etc..); organization and validations (required or not) of these attributes are fully configurable.  Once the vendor is registered, vendors can perform maintenance functions in the vendor portal such as updating their address, contact, banking, and service terms information.​

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The vendor registration workflow can involve multiple steps, involving purchasing / procurement, legal, accounting, risk management, compliance departments.  The system allows for multiple workflow configurations (for example, merchandise/non-merchandise; Import vs domestic etc.).  Since this module captures various documents such as insurances/certifications etc., we can set up emails that will alert vendors about any certificate expirations, notification for vendors/buyers etc.

Invitation Process

Extend an invitation to a fresh vendor or generate a new user profile for an existing vendor on the portal

Audit Logs

Standard audit log functionality that allows review of the specific changes made by the vendor/reviewers in the exchange and able to back track to reviewers or ask a need info to the vendors.

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