Introducing Vendor Portal

Vendor portal is the most recent product introduced by Simplain.  This software facilitates purchase order management and efficient collaboration and data exchange between Retailers and Vendors using an easy to use common platform.

  • Item Management

    Item management is the most popular module in the vendor portal platform.  This highly customizable module allows retailers and vendors to quickly collaborate on the new item introduction and process and improve their speed to market. 

    In this module can be connected with GDSN providers (GS1 for example) to ensure data quality.  The module is equipped with mass data handling features to facilitate specific scenarios asscociated with DSD business process.

    Item management optionally includes capture of nutritional, allergen, ingredient information which is critical to the digital initiatives for the retailers.

  • PO Management

    Purchase Order Management functionality allows the vendors to update the POs with any change in pick up / delivery date,  shortages.  Vendors can get visibility to the PO life cycle and can be held accountable for non compliance. 



    This can also be a tool for vendors to create Advance Shipment Notices (ASN) to help the retailers with their inventory and load planning.

  • Cost Management

    The Cost Management module channels vendor cost updates through a controlled workflow and approval process.  


    Vendors can submit routine cost changes for their own approved items either directly into the Vendor Portal UI or via EDI 832.  


    Alternatively, vendors can also update cost for multiple items at once through the Mass Cost Update functionality.

  • Deals and Rebate Management

    The Deals and Rebate Management module streamlines the deal entry and approval process.


    Retailers often miss the oppurtunity to take advantage of the Deals, Ads and Rebates provided by the vendor. This module provides an immediate ROI to the retailer as it enhances coordination with the vendor thereby allowing the retailer to take advantage of offers in a timely manner.

  • Invoice Management

    When integrated with a back-end supply chain system, Invoice module displays the reconciliation and payment status of the vendor invoices.  It also allows vendors, buyers and accounts payable teams to quickly collaborate and resolve any issues. 

    The invoice module also provides vendor with the visibility of vendor bill-backs / scan backs etc.. created by retailers related to various promotions.

  • DSD Assortment Management

    Assortment and Item authorization management are very critical for retail chains with heavy DSD operations.  it is important to avoid conflicts in item authorization and provide the vendors with the flexibility of creating and managing store zones.

    Vendor Portal has tailored features for retailers with  geographically dispersed stores and heavy DSD operation.  This module provides the same visibility to vendors and retailers regarding item authorization and smoothens the regular DSD and Scan based Trading operations.

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