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  • Cost Management

Once an item is introduced via the item management module, the most common change to the item is list cost and deal changes.  The Mass Cost Update screen allows the users to change list cost for multiple items at once.  The cost can be managed at the following levels in vendor portal.

  • Globally or chain wide list cost

  • At the warehouse level or warehouse network level

  • At store level or store network level

  • At the model/zone level

    • A zone is a group of stores for the specific vendors.   For retailers with a large # of stores and heavy DSD operations, the DSD cost is often managed at the zone level.

    • Vendor portal has extensive functionality in zone management where it allows vendors to manage their own zones.  Very often, the companies manage this within their ERP and integrate the zone information into the vendor portal.

The mass cost update function provides a very easy way to manage cost changes for items that are subject to regular price changes (Produce items and some DSD items).  The screen is designed to handle both DSD and Warehouse vendors and it supports mass update functions on the screen.  It also allows the vendors to upload a spreadsheet with cost changes and allows companies to approve/reject multiple cost changes at once.

In addition to mass cost change screen, we have a screen that allows users to manage list cost and deals for a specific item at once. You can manage your deals and list cost in one transaction from the vendor.  This screen, called Total Cost Management allows category manager to review the List cost, various additional costs, discounts, rebates, net invoice cost, landing cost, and store cost all in one screen.  The screen also shows the suggested retail provided by the vendor and allows the CM to enter a global retail price (Chain level) for visualizing theoretical gross margin.

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