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(SymphonyAI) GOLD Services

Simplain is one of the few companies in North America with extensive implementation expertise in GOLD Supply Chain Management system, from SymphonyAI.  When Simplain was founded in 2007, the primary focus of the company was to implement Symphony AI's GOLD supply chain management systems. Ever since, we have played pivotal role in almost all the GOLD implementations in the US and Canada.  Simplain is also a recognized implementation partner for Symphony AI GOLD system. 

GOLD Integration

Our integration experts bring knowledge of best practices specific to GOLD from other implementations. We are able to combine our GOLD knowledge combined with our expertise on various patterns such as Point-to-Point, Publish-Subscribe, and ESB/SOA based integration to provide unique solutions that directly address our customer's business needs. 

GOLD Implementation Consulting

We specialize in Gap Analysis. We design and develop complete solutions to implement specific business processes using standard GOLD features as much as possible and engineering custom applications/ workarounds as needed. During implementation phases we manage various technical environments for the customer to facilitate development, testing and training activities. 

GOLD Production Support

Simplain's technical team provides ongoing production support and maintenance to GOLD implementations in the USA and Canada.  Our services in this area include problem management, patch management, regression tests and custom development.  Simplain Integration Toolkit, which we offer as part of our 24/7 support includes few productivity tools that help business users with mass upload capabilities, exception alerts etc.

GOLD Reporting & Business Inteligence

We have created high performance, extremely user-friendly dashboards which provide executives and managers with exceptional insight into their organization's Key Performance Indicators (KPI). These dashboards are typically powered by data warehouses and cubes incorporating data from numerous disparate applications such as Retail Management, Payroll, Point of Sales, Accounting, etc. Data from these systems is summarized and pre-processed so that it is ready to be served instantly to the users as needed. 

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