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Simplain Vendor Portal

Streamlined Supplier Collaboration for Retailers and Wholesalers for better data quality, faster speed to market, cost savings, vendor accountability, and to power digital initiatives.

Improved Data Quality

Vendor Accountability

Vendor is Accountable for the data they provide.  Hundreds of data validation rules makes the master data clean for the rest of the supply chain to consume.   Workflow driven system eliminates silos; Various teams at the vendor and retailer sides can  view and act on the same data in real-time.

Increased Speed to Shelf

Speed to Market

Significant reduction in time to manage new items and updates. Workflow driven collaboration with task lists allows vendors and retailers to remove bottlenecks quickly. Speed of item introduction, cost changes, deals & promotions management increases by an order of magnitude

Powers Digital Initiative

Powers Digital Initiatives

A complete platform for downstream digital initiatives with aggregation of up to date ingredient, allergen, nutrition data, certifications, expiry dates and images, single source for vendor and item data.Advanced supplier collaboration functions for deals and promotional collaboration and rebate management.


Savings $

Retailers realize significant savings due to efficient planning and execution of vendor funded promotions and tracking of various types rebates and discounts right from inception to realization

Our Software

Vendor portal is the most recent product introduced by Simplain. This software facilitates efficient collaboration and data exchange between Retailers and Vendors using an easy to use common platform.

Vendor Portal

Other Popular Solutions

In addition to our flagship product, vendor portal, we have built an array of solutions that the retail organizations typically need. Following is a list of some of our most popular solutions.

Store Mobility
Simplain Integration Toolkit
Alert Management
Alerts Management

Who We Work With

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