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  • Vendor Portal Base Framework

This is the foundation and required for all other modules. Vendor Portal framework provides basic security and administrative features for all modules in vendor portal. It includes all the foundational elements such as Security and other administration functions such as User Management, Parameterization, Workflow, and other Configuration screens.

Key Features

  1. Security & Authentication:

    • Active Directory (either directly through LDAP or through a third-party Identity provider such as One Login, Okta, Secure Auth etc., using SAML protocol).  Authorizations (i.e. roles and permissions) are always managed by the base framework.

  2. User Types:  - Vendors, Brokers, and Retailer users. 

  3. Other administration functions: It include administration functions for configuring the parameters, attributes, workflow, mandatory fields, roles, and permissions.

  4. Reporting functionality: It has a framework using to publish reports (created using tools such as Jasper).  The Vendor Portal reporting framework provides security/menu access and a dynamically generated report criteria screen.

  5. Alerting Functionality: It includes alert functionality.  This can be used to configure system generated escalation emails and batch emails on specific schedules.  (For example, alert the vendors who did not respond to a request for information after x number of days).

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