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Vendor Portal 1.6

The latest version of vendor portal, 1.6, is now available. In addition to the new module for sharing Key Performance Metrics and Forecast, the vendor portal is enhanced with some new exciting features. Vendor Portal now includes the following modules; Item introduction and updates, Cost Updates, PO Management, Deal Management and KPI/Forecast Sharing. In addition, vendor portal also includes special modules for implementing DSD and Scan Based Trading functions.

Vendor Portal can be installed on premise or on the cloud. Vendor Portal can be integrated with Active Directory or Federated Services. Vendor portal integrates with SEYC GOLD Central and PIM modules.

Vendor Portal is created is using the latest technologies to provide a secure and user-friendly platform for the vendors and retailer to collaborate. The latest version of the vendor portal includes features such as Audit Trail, custom validations, configurable attributes and validations. Vendor Portal also went through extensive security testing based on OWASP standards.


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